Pacifica, California

Pacifica, California

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Take with you as you travel through the golden state of California. We'll help you find dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, hikes, beaches, wineries, local services and so much more. Simply click on the links to the left to begin your trek.
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Put Paws to GGNRA Paths in San Mateo County

Poppy at Mori Point - Photo Credit: @poppy_brittany_spoodle
Poppy at Mori Point - Photo Credit: @poppy_brittany_spoodle

People have walked their dogs, both on- and off-leash, for decades on the lands in San Mateo County that became part of the GGNRA after the National Park Service’s 1979 Pet Policy went into effect. While future privileges are up in the air, dog-walking access is safe for now. Here are some favorite places to go: more »

Let's Go Coasting: Pacifica To Carmel

Dogs on Carmel Beach
Dogs playing on Carmel Beach. Photo - Janet Fullwood
There’s nothing like the sight and sound of the sea to soothe the soul, vanquish boredom and revive the spirit. If your pup has been seeing far too much of the back yard lately, maybe it’s time for both of you to sniff out new horizons along the highly scenic, 122-mile stretch of Highway 1 between Pacifica and Carmel. more »

Pacified in Pacifica

Sharp Park Pacifica beach pup - Janet Fullwood
Sprawled along the six miles of coastline just over the hills from San Francisco International Airport, the once working-class community of Pacifica has morphed into a haven for well heeled commuters. It’s also a haven for DogTrekkers who relish fresh air, wide-open scenery and thousands of acres of roam-worthy public lands. more »

Mayor Lee Says No to GGNRA

At first bark, the Sharp Park golf course and the National Park Service's bid to acquire it from the City of San Francisco wouldn't seem to have much to do with DogTrekkers, but there you'd be wrong. Even aside from the fact that apparently the park's perimeter is  popular with dog walkers.

The City has been considering the Park Service's bid, but the Park Service unabashedly admits that its taking possession of the place would be the end of golf, and indeed much in the way of recreational activity, as it pursued an agenda of restoring the golf course's environment to a state ostensibly reflective of some natural reality before humans arrived. "Wilderness restoration" rules the day at the GGNRA, in contrast to its recreational mandate. more »

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