Willits, California

Willits, California

kayla on the road
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Landmark Year for The Milo Foundation

Milo Foundation dog
The mission of The Milo Foundation, an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit, no-kill organization, is to rescue homeless at-risk animals throughout Northern California, match them to homes best suited to provide lifetime care, rehabilitate those who need it, offer sanctuary to those who are not placed, and educate the public about responsible pet guardianship, including spay/neuter.

2015 has been a landmark year for The Milo Foundation. more »

Onward and Inland!

Photo Credit: Chandelier Tree, Redwood Coast (CC)
Photo Credit: Chandelier Tree, Redwood Coast (CC)

Drive north on Highway 1 from Fort Bragg, and you’ll soon turn away from the coast and enter the county’s “Inland Empire.” It’s about an hour to Leggett, where the road merges with Highway 101 and the Redwood Coast begins. more »

Mendocino's Inland Empire

Dog on the Skunk Train
Kayla rides the Skunk Train.
Many Mendocino County visitors stay glued to the scenic stretch of coastline between Little River and Fort Bragg, but to do so is to miss out on redwoods, wineries, off-the-beaten-path seaside preserves and small, inland towns that extend a warm welcome to travelers with pets. more »

Save Our Skunk

dog boarding the Skunk Train
A tunnel collapse on Mendocino County’s dog-friendly Skunk Train line has inspired a new campaign titled Save Our Skunk to raise more than $300,000 needed to resume full train routes. The Skunk Train is one of Northern California’s most popular activities, and draws riders from around the world.

The Train is privately owned and managed, and has key historical significance. When San Francisco had to be rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake, the Skunk Train became the vital link to haul the lumber, people and supplies. Hundreds of thousands of travelers have enjoyed Skunk Train rides through towering redwoods. more »

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