HSSV Gets Labradoodle Back on His Feet

HSSV Gets Labradoodle Back on His Feet

We're happy to share this bit of holiday cheer from our friends at Humane Society Silicon Valley, who recently told us about Baxter here.

Baxter the LabradoodleThis cute little Labradoodle mix arrived at HSSV with a spinal inflammation (maybe from an infection, maybe from an injury) that made the connection between his brain and his back legs fail at odd moments. He'd take off walking, but within a few steps his legs would give out and he'd flop to the ground. None of this seemed to bother him a bit though; he'd just pick himself up and try again.

HSSV's vets determined that aside from the mobility problem, Baxter was in great health and not in pain. An orthopedic specialist recommended cage rest and constant monitoring in a home situation to reduce the inflammation. So HSSV's finance associate Farinaz Khatabi stepped up to foster the little guy, crate training him and bringing him to work every day. After weeks of this TLC, he'd recovered enough for physical therapy, and Scouts Fund covered sessions that allowed Baxter to build up strength in his back legs.

"Once a week he did hydrotherapy and mobility exercises at their facility," HSSV's Bernadette Cruz reports. "While it seemed unlikely he would ever walk completely normally, he had made huge improvements.

"First he could walk across a room without stumbling, then he was jumping on the back legs that weeks ago had not been able to support him. After nine weeks in our care, he was more than ready to be adopted."

These days Baxter's enjoying the good life in his new home, where he's proving the perfect companion for his canine brother Kipper, who's a bit anxious. Baxter helps calm Kipper's fears, and Kipper helps Baxter give his muscles a workout.

It's all part of HSSV's going the extra mile to help dogs in need. Also part of the plan: Home for the Holidays, offering $12 adoption fees on all adult dogs so they all find families before the New Year!

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Posted on: January 2, 2015

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