Much to Celebrate on Rescue Row

Much to Celebrate on Rescue Row

Rescue Row Sign
Rescue Row: Where Love Happens
With over 286 animals adopted out to loving homes in 2 days, there was much to celebrate last weekend during the Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days event at the newly designated Rescue Row in San Francisco.   

Rescue Row is the honorary name of the section of Alabama Street between 15th and 16th streets, and it is home to the following animal welfare organizations: The San Francisco SPCA, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, Northern California Family Dog Rescue, and San Francisco Animal Care and Control.
Leaders of four animal welfare organizations on Rescue Row
Angela Padilla, Founder Northern California Family Dog Rescue; Ronn Owens, KGO Radio Newstalk Host; Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, Co-President, SF/SPCA; Sherri Franklin, Founder Muttville; Rebecca Katz, Director, Animal Care and Control.
There was a large crowd of animal lovers in attendance for the ribbon cutting celebrating the new official name of the street, including the leaders of the animal organizations that make up Rescue Row, plus friends from Maddie’s Fund, the national rescue fund sponsoring the event. These people, along with dedicated staff and countless volunteers have made it their mission to make it easier for homeless pets and their forever families to find each other. 

Sherri Franklin, Founder and Executive Director of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue said, “it was a great weekend for all of the animals and agencies on Rescue Row! So many people adopted new pets, thanks to Maddie's Pet Adoption Days. We're all very grateful for all of the new love matches that were made!"

While celebrating all of the animals who were adopted it is even more wonderful to remember that this event allowed 286 more spaces to be opened for animals looking for a safe place to receive the love and care they so richly deserve. Much to celebrate, indeed.
Dog up for adoption

Posted on: June 2, 2014

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