Bark Back at GGNRA by December 9

Bark Back at GGNRA by December 9

Friday, December 9, is the last day to weigh in with public comments on the Golden Gate National Recreation Area Draft General Management Plan, which will affect, among other things, Fort Funston, Muir Beach, Rodeo Beach and other spots beloved by DogTrekkers for many years. (This is not the same thing as the dog management plan about which the GGNRA solicited comments earlier this year.) The Plan itself, the GGNRA's vision for itself for the next 20 years, is complex enough to leave you feeling as overwhelmed as Buster after his first day of obedience school, but the salient point is that the National Parks Service, which administers the GGNRA, appears fairly hell-bent on transforming the entire area, including land specifically entrusted to the GGNRA for purposes of urban recreation by Bay Area citizens—not just dog walking, but picnicking, kayaking, climbing, biking, etc.—into museum-like "wilderness experience" at every opportunity.

Ocean Beach Dog offers an excellent summary of the issues and suggestions for your own comments. For those in a hurry, Save Off-Leash has handy copy-and-paste comments!

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Posted on: December 8, 2011

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