A Checklist for Taking Your Dog To Work

By: DogTrekker Staff

If you work at home, you know what a treat it is to have Snoopy curled up at your feet, or maybe in your lap, while you do whatever it is you do. At work, the formula gets more complex. Here are tips for ensuring you have success with your pup in the workplace.

  • Make sure your pup gets along with other dogs and people. If your dog has issues with other dogs or people in dog parks, on the street or elsewhere, be thoughtful as to whether she would be a good fit at work. Some workplaces are more limited in space which could lead to aggressiveness in some dogs.
  • Check in with co-workers. Is anyone allergic? Have an aversion to dogs? Dog lovers will make themselves known, but those who don’t like dogs also need to be accommodated in the office.
  • Dog-proof your work space. Especially important if your dog is a relentless explorer or likes to chew.
  • Make a base. Where will your dog hang out while you get your work done? A familiar bed or blanket will help restless Rovers settle down.
  • Come prepared. Make a supply list and check it twice. Water bowl, leash, toys and pickup bags are musts. A portable kennel is a good idea for when you have to visit no-dog zones.
  • Designate a relief area. Identify and inform fellow employees of where to go when Daisy needs to do her business. Win over the landscaper’s heart by staying away from flower beds and always pick up the poop.
  • Mind your dog’s manners. Keep your dog leashed if she’s prone to wandering. No one wants to listen to you hissing “Get back here!” all day.
  • Organize a lunch-time walk. Your dog needs exercise and so do you. Why not form a pack with others in the office?
  • Have an exit strategy. If your dog won’t settle down, becomes agitated or shows the slightest hint of aggression, make your apologies and go home. Most employers will allow for this. Alternatively, have a pet sitter on standby.