Animals Rescued in Oregon

By: DogTrekker Staff
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Last month in Oregon a ranch was raided and over 150 animals were rescued in varying stages of neglect. Now, we know that Oregon is out of DogTrekker’s usual roaming area but we felt we had to tell this story in hopes of preventing anything like it from happening here, or anywhere again.

It all began to unravel for Kandi Lucile Crow on September 15 when a warrant was issued to search her 80-acre ranch near Cave Junction, Oregon. What law officers and animal rescue workers found at the ranch was one of the worst animal hoarding incidents reported. Crow, who’s ranch is named the Magical Miniature Horses ranch, was keeping miniature horses, cats, dogs, and other farm and domestic animals in various stages of neglect. Animals were found emaciated, dehydrated and with rotting feces everywhere.

According to The Daily Courier, Crow has since been charged with 23 counts of second-degree animal neglect, 17 counts of second-degree animal abuse and four counts of prohibited possession of domestic animals. Stacy D. Stumbo of the The Daily Courier is also reporting that as of October 23, Crow has agreed to surrender the animals to Josephine County. This is the first step in helping to find the animals forever homes where they will be well taken care of.

Not only did Crow absolutely fail these animals but the system set up to protect them did too. According to The Daily Courier, court documents show that the Animal Protection Department has known there were issues on the ranch for years beginning in 2006 when they received the first complaint. Since then they have received a total of 20 complaints about the ranch. In 2009 Crow was even sentenced to 10 days in jail after being convicted of first-degree animal abuse, and yet she still had over 150 animals on her property at the time this recent warrant was issued.

The investigation into Crow and the Magical Miniature Horses Ranch is ongoing, as is helping the rescued animals. The majority of the animals have been taken to the Josephine County Animal Shelter and they are in desperate need of donations as caring for them has reached into the 1000’s of dollars. Grants Pass City employees have started a collection to help fund the care of the rescued animals. If you are interested in donating please contact Donna Anderson at 541-450-6011.    

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