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More Messages From Our Rescue Partners
Published on May 6, 2020
A couple of weeks ago, we sent out updates from some of our favorite rescue/adoption partners to show how they are doing during COVID-19. We want to thank everyone who shared a story with us and donated to the animal welfare organizations we highlighted, as well as many others. We at DogTrekker feel blessed to have such loyal, compassionate and caring readers and followers. Here are messages from more organizations that share our core mission of leaving no dog behind. All continue to make a real difference in the lives of both our two- and four-legged friends. Please continue to support their work.   more »
Update on Walking Your Dog in Parks and on Trails
Published on April 29, 2020
The seven Bay Area Public Health officers who ordered a shelter-in-place in mid-March will extend the orders through May 31. Some restrictions will be eased on May 4 for low-risk activities while additional tools to strengthen containment of COVID-19 are put into place. This order includes the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara as well as the City of Berkeley.   more »
 Messages From Our Rescue Partners
Published on April 22, 2020
DogTrekker’s “Leave No Dog Behind” mission not only includes when travelling, but leaving behind dogs in shelters. In DogTrekker’s 2020 annual readership survey, 85% of you donate to rescue or adoption organizations—an enormous number. In addition, a solid 30% volunteer at shelters or events such as adoptathons. Thank you for such selfless contributions to such an important cause.   more »
Bending the Curve: Tips for Safe Dog-walking
Published on April 16, 2020
We hear it often: be sure to practice social distancing when leaving your home. According to Gov. Gavin Newsom yesterday at a news briefing, California residents have avoided a worst-case scenario thanks to the stay-at-home order and practicing social distancing. Newsom went on to say that the number of cases continues to grow and we still need to work together to prevent a significant resurgence. Here is the complete recap of the press conference from the Sacramento Bee.   more »
Coronavirus Update April 1: Walking Dogs in California
Published on April 3, 2020
Gov. Gavin Newsom has ordered everyone in California to stay home; with the exception of essential workers, to pick up groceries and prescriptions, and health care visits for you or your pet. Also exempted from that order is getting out into the fresh air with your entire family, including your pups.   more »
Coronavirus Update: It's OK To Walk or Hike With Your Dog!
Published on March 18, 2020
Amid the growing concern over the coronavirus,’s top priority is to promote the health and safety of its two million-plus readers and their furry family friends. The recent order to shelter in place by public health officials in San Francisco, Berkeley and six other Bay Area counties, and other restrictions statewide, will certainly be disruptive to everyday life, but crucial in controlling the spread of the virus.   more »
Sniff Your Way to the Garlic Capital of the World
Published on March 4, 2020
Gilroy is a pet-welcoming destination that makes a great getaway any time of year. The "Garlic Capital of the World" features outstanding restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, outlet shopping, and plenty of outdoor adventures for you and your four-legged friends.   more »
Concord Celebrates East Bay Dog-friendly Trails
Published on February 22, 2020
One of the main attractions of the San Francisco Bay Area is the vast amount of open space in the surrounding hills, where fresh air and expansive views let you forget all about traffic and congestion. The dog-friendly East Bay community of Concord makes a perfect base camp for spring-green treks both on- and off-leash on some of California’s most cherished public lands.   more »
Discover the Dog-Friendly Delights of Greater Palm Springs
Published on February 20, 2020
Did you know that gazing at and interacting with your dog can elicit increased levels of the “cuddle hormone” oxytocin? That may well explain why so many of us are loath to leave our pets behind when we travel. Fortunately, Greater Palm Springs loves pups, making this Southern California oasis the perfect dog-friendly destination for your next vacation. Count on plenty of attention, affection and amenities, plus unforgettable adventures that inspire the special bond between you and your dog.   more »
Cozy Up in a Cabin or Cottage
Published on February 11, 2020
In DogTrekker’s 2020 reader survey, some 70 percent of participants said they prefer cabins and cottages over standard hotels and motels when on a vacation break. Quick access to the outdoors is part of the appeal, of course. This week, we introduce you to a few of our favorite places to cuddle up.   more »
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