Butte Humane Society 2019

Here's Cruiser, a happy, playful Lab/pit mix guy who, like lots of other dogs, lost his home due to the Camp Fire. Luckily for him he landed with the good folks at Butte Humane Society in Chico, where he's waiting for his new folks to come find him. Read more.

North Valley Animal Disaster Group

If you're feeling both helpless and grateful as rains finally douse the catastrophic Camp Fire, you're not alone. But there are a lot of heroes stepping up to render aid who could use your support to make a big difference. Read more.

Kick Some Butte

Butte County, a quick 70 miles north of Sacramento via interstate 5, is more than just drive-by country. Besides being home to Chico, a vibrant college town; and Lake Oroville, second-largest reservoir in the state, it cradles several wildlife preserves where you and your canine companion can hike (and sniff) in the company of millions of honking, quacking, chirping, whistling winged critters. Read more.

Butte Humane Society 2015

Meet Hooch, a happy young fellow who seeks a spot as the only dog in a loving home. A smart guy who loves practicing his obedience skills (especially if treats are involved), this handsome pit mix has lots of energy, so he prefers a home where he can get plenty of play time and exercise. Thanks to his energy levels, he's a bit overwhelming for small children, but gets along beautifully with bigger humans. In fact, during his stay at Butte Humane Society, he's become such a favorite that a kind soul has already paid his adoption fee to make it easier for handsome Hooch to go home with his new person. Read more.

Pug Sunday in Chico

Part gathering, part rescue, Pug Sunday in Chico got its start in 2001 when local pug lover Sandi Castellano, who'd heard about the famed Pug Sunday in Alta Plaza in San Francisco, got together with another pug owner in the area and decided to see if there was any interest in a similar gathering. The first event drew 14 pugs and their owners; the second, a month later, brought in 45 pugs and 75 humans—many of whom admitted they didn't actually have a dog, they were just there to check out the pugs. Pug Sunday in Chico incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization a few months later, and in between the monthly fun of the First Sunday gatherings has been pitching in to rescue pugs in need ever since. Read more.

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