Maya at Tahoe. Photo by Dave Kendrick.

Dogtrekker would not be what it is today without the efforts of our famous barketing department. Kayla, our first director of barketing™, was our founding dog, the inspiration for this site. Today Maya carries on the work, sniffing out the best spots in California to take your dog, and awarding her paw of approval to her favorite spots.

Vroom Over To Vacaville

Jaxon Levi, Vacaville's Director of Barketing Sometimes the places in our own back yard are the least explored. And for many Northern Californians, Vacaville, a familiar name   Read more.

Kayla Visits Cable Car Coffee

Heading south on H/W 101 just past the first Mill Valley exit (East Blithedale), on the way to HQ, Kayla lifts her head up from the backseat of the car and looks ar  Read more.

Kayla in the SLO Lane

Kayla just returned from her visit to the newest region to debut on -- San Luis Obispo County. She had a great time sleeping, eating, hiking, splashing and expl  Read more.

Kayla in Redding

Kayla is definitely a road-warrior. Say wanna go for a ride? – her ears are up, tail is wagging, leash is in her mouth, she’s in the car, and it’s full-sniff ahea  Read more.

Kayla Takes on Blithedale Summit

Photo by Marin County Parks.
One of Kayla's favorite things to do is explore the many, many hikes within the Marin County Open Space District (MCOSD). It is one of the few truly dog-friendly places she is   Read more.

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