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Eureka! You've discovered Humboldt County, home of the world's tallest trees and more than 100 miles of stunning Northern California coast. In addition to the giant redwoods, you'll find outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking, birdwatching, biking and scenic drives. Here too are historic small towns, the arts and surprising food and wine discoveries. And of course, Redwood National Park and the Avenue of the Giants. Click here to explore the rest of California's Redwood Coast.

Check out this video created by reader Carolina C. all about dog-friendly Shelter Cove in Humboldt County:

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Chasing Waves With Your Pup

Splash! Photo Credit: @Sweetd67
Splash! Photo Credit: @Sweetd67

For water-loving canines, nothing beats fetching a bright yellow tennis ball from the surf and romping full speed ahead on a sandy beach. But while there’s plenty of sand to share with your leashed pup along California’s 840 miles of coastline, you should know before you go where dogs are and aren’t allowed to get their ya-yas out. Here are a few of our favorite off-leash strands: more »

Mad about Mad River

Dog at Mad River in Arcata
Emily, one of our Intrepid DogTrekkers from Humboldt County, wrote in about Pump Station #1 on the Mad River, just outside of Arcata. She says the Mad River pump stations are a fun and convenient place to take your dogs to roam off leash. more »

Beachcombing with Bravo

Humboldt County’s 100-mile-long Redwood Coast is a misty and majestic slice of California that should be on every DogTrekker’s bucket list. While redwood trees are the stars, the beaches are magnificent—and on many of them, your four-legged friend can romp free within the wave slope. Time your visit to arrive at low tide to stay within regulations—and watch out, especially in winter, for sleeper waves powerful enough to pull you and your furry friend from shore. more »

Hunting For Bigfoot

redwood trees
It’s always cool on the Redwood Coast, so don’t worry about leaving Sparky in the car while you spend half an hour at the Willow Creek-China Flat Bigfoot Museum (open May-October), where you’ll see film footage, footprint casts and other artifacts related to the hairy hominid that has even earned a starring role in the county’s tourism marketing campaign. (Hey, you gotta believe!)  more »

Avenue Of The Giants

car driving through a tree
You might not know a burl from a squirrel when you set off on the 31-mile section of old Highway 101 known as the Avenue of the Giants, but by the end of the day you'll have learned all about the strange growths and the products crafted from them that are hawked all around the region. more »

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