Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento

What is now the Old Sacramento Historic District was the city's waterfront hub during the Gold Rush era. Unfortunately, it was prone to flooding and was wiped out several times before the streets were raised. Most commercial activity moved to higher ground, and the district, with its wealth of crumbling Victorian architecture, became one of the West Coast's most derelict skid rows.

In the 1960s, Interstate 5 was routed through the area and the district was threatened with destruction. Instead, a redevelopment plan was hatched and the first historic district in the West was created. With 53 historic buildings on 28 acres, Old Sacramento today is the city's tourism hub, housing many restaurants, entertainment venues and shops on the banks of the Sacramento River.

The district has both National and California Historic Landmark status and has served as a backdrop in many movies and television shows. It's also the site of many living history events and annual festivals, as well as Fourth of July and New Year's Eve fireworks displays.

Old Sacramento is a delightful area to explore with four-legged companions. It offers numerous outdoor dining possibilities, great river views, ample outdoor seating, hiking or biking on a waterfront trail and trips over the Tower Bridge to a riverfront esplanade in West Sacramento. The district is connected by tunnel and walkway to Westfield Plaza, an open-air shopping mall in the heart of downtown Sacramento.

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