Palm Springs Museum Trail

Palm Springs Museum Trail

This is a steep climb, so bring plenty of water for you and your dog! To reach the trailhead, go to the corner of the Palm Springs Art Museum's north parking lot. The trail climbs one and a half miles above Palm Springs to offer sweeping views of the city and the Coachella Valley. There are picnic tables at the top.

Many other hikes are available the area. The Museum Trail intersects with the North Lykken Trail leading down into Chino Canyon. Or, you can take North Lykken to Ramon Road and walk back from there to the museum.

The Museum Trail also intersects with the Skyline Ridge Route, which leads to the Palm Springs Tramway via what is called the "Cactus to Clouds" hike. Be forewarned that the trail is poorly marked, the hike takes seven hours and is suitable for advanced hikers only. 

Help us keep this trail beautiful and dog-friendly:
• Always follow the posted rules as they may have changed
• If in an off-leash area, keep your dog under voice command
• Respect and protect wildlife and habitats
• Pack in and pack out, leaving only paw prints

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