Tunnel Trail

Tunnel Trail

Tunnel Trail is one of the most popular trails in Santa Barbara. It is within 5 minutes from downtown and has enough twists, turns, and surprises to keep hikers interested. However, be careful as it's also a mountain-biker mecca.

From the Mission, corner of Laguna and Los Olivos Street in Santa Barbara…

Head up Los Olivos toward the mountains. The road makes a jag and becomes Mission Canyon Rd.

At the stop sign, turn right on Foothill Rd.

At the stop sign and fire station, turn left onto Mission Canyon Rd.

At the fork in the road, stay left on Tunnel Rd.

Drive to the end of Tunnel Rd. and park your car. Be careful to park with your tires completely within the line or you will be towed. They are not kidding about that. It is a congested neighborhood and parking within the white line helps emergency vehicles get through. Please be courteous to car traffic as you walk up and down the road and let residents get through. Please keep dogs on leash because there is a flock of free-range chickens that lives in the area. Residents have been pretty vocal about the traffic and safety issues in the area and your courtesy will keep the trailhead open.

Hike up to the end of the road by the large water tank and metal gate across the road. This is the trailhead.

(About 5 minute drive)