West Coast Great Pyrenees Foundation

West Coast Great Pyrenees Foundation

West Coast Great Pyrenees Foundation, serving the Bay Area to Central Valley, was founded in August 2015 to promote the greater good of the Great Pyrenees breed through education, rescue and social activities.

West Coast Great Pyrenees Foundation's rescue division, PyrPaw Rescue, focuses on helping Great Pyrenees dogs find real forever homes. 

When PyrPaw Rescue accepts a dog into their program, they make sure the dog is healthy, spayed/neutered and gets all the care needed to stay healthy. The dogs are fostered in private homes, and spend time with all manner of people, situations and animals. They are groomed and given confidence to become someone’s perfect companion.

When you adopt a Great Pyrenees from PyrPaw Rescue, you are not on your own the minute you bring him or her home. The PyrPaw Rescue community will be there to help and support you if needed. PyrPaw Rescue understands that post adoption support is very important part of making sure these dogs go to forever homes.

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