White Wolf Campground & RV

White Wolf Campground & RV

On the Tioga Road (Highway 120) about one hour north of Yosemite Valley

• Open: July through early September (approximately). Check for this year's estimated opening and closing dates.
• Reservations: No
• Cost: $14/night for each campsite (maximum 6 people per site)
• Number of sites: 74
• RV length: up to 27 ft
• Trailer length: up to 24 ft

Pet Policy:

• Pets are allowed in developed areas on fully paved trails and roads except trails signed as not allowing pets (pets are not allowed off the floor of Yosemite Valley, including the trail to Vernal Fall) in campgrounds (except walk-in campgrounds and in group campsites).

• Pets must be restrained on a leash not more than six feet long.

• Leashed pets may not be left unattended.

• For the courtesy of other visitors, human companions are responsible for cleaning up and depositing pet feces in trash receptacles.

• Remember that pet food is also bear food: store pet food as if it were human food.

• Pets are not allowed on unpaved or poorly paved trails, or trails signed as not allowing pets. However, pets are allowed on the Wawona Meadow Loop, on unplowed roads covered in snow, in Wilderness areas and in all walk-in and group campgrounds/campsites.

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