Dog-Passionate Carmel

By: DogTrekker Staff

Kayla’s first real beach experience was with Coco, her big sister and water-mentor. Coco was the typical water-crazy lab who would search out and lay in even the tiniest amount of water. On the dog-welcoming, leash-free, family-friendly Carmel Beach, she showed Kayla how to crash the surf, dig up sticks, jump for Frisbees and of course, roll in the sand.

Coco has now gone to doggy heaven, but Kayla continues the tradition in grand style. After a day at the beach, and a little rinsing and drying, Kayla’s favorite thing is to head up to the Garden Courtyard at the Cypress Inn for doggie-refreshments, and then over to the dog-friendly patio of the Forge In The Forest, where she can tell tall tails with other K-9's and choose dinner from her very own 'Dog-Pound' menu (Quarter Hounder, Hot Diggity Dog, Good Dog & Plain Ol' Kibble).

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