First Trip to the Snow!

By: DogTrekker Staff
Dogs' first trip to the snow
"Hurry up and take the picture before our behinds freeze!"
-Skooter and Skye

DogTrekker fan Lori M. wrote in to tell us about her girls' (senior yellow labs, Scooter and Skye) first trip to the snow:

"We ended up at Blue Canyon in Placer County, which was a perfect place to stop – right off the freeway, not very many people, etc. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the girls had a blast! We only stayed for 30 minutes because their paws aren't snow tough, but that was enough as they were exhausted when we got home!"

Dogs in snow
"It's already time to go? We're just getting the hang of this white stuff!"
-Scooter and Skye

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Photo Credit: Lori M.


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