Just Say Noyo

By: DogTrekker Staff
Liquid Fusion
Photo courtesy Liquid Fusion

Liquid Fusion Kayaking specializes in kayaking excursions—from mild to wild—on the serene Noyo River estuary and along the Mendocino coast. All ages will be delighted by a beginner-level paddle on the placid Noyo, where curious harbor seals, quirky river otters, the occasional sea lion and many species of coastal birds are highlights. Kayak rentals start at $30 for two hours, and a $5 charge for four-legged companions includes a canine flotation device.

While dogs are welcome on these and other LFK excursions, the company cautions that not all dogs make good paddling pals.

“Most dogs love kayaking, says co-owner Cate Hawthorne. “They love the peaceful sense of floating on the water and will attentively watch as their human companion paddles along.”

That said, Hawthorne cautions that some dogs are frightened by the unsteady feeling of being in a boat. “They will whimper and be unsettled in the boat the entire time…We feel so bad for dogs when their owners make them go and they are nervous and whine the whole time.”

That’s why Liquid Fusion recommends that people who want to take their dogs kayaking rent boats and go on their own or arrange for a private tour. “Unless we know the dog, we don’t take them on group tours because their behavior can interfere with the quiet, nature-tour experience that others want,” Hawthorne says, adding that the same policy applies to small children. 

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