Spring Hazards Watch List

By: DogTrekker Staff

Vet Buzz from Bill Barboni, DVM and Chris Pitts, RVT,
Marin Pet Hospital, San Rafael, CA

dog with easter basket

Spring has sprung and while you, and your pup, are hopefully out and about enjoying the warm weather and longer days, there are hazards lurking in the upcoming months. Not only does spring’s warmer weather bring out allergens that can affect your dog, other seasonal activities that humans might take for granted can be extremely harmful to pets. We’ve put together a handy watch list to help keep Fido safe this spring and summer.

Top spring hazards for dogs:

  • Eating plastic Easter grass.
  • Eating Easter candy (it might taste good, but it can be very dangerous, especially chocolate, for your dog).
  • Eating rotten eggs (Yuck!).
  • Eating lilies.
  • Eating hyacinth.
  • Eating bulbs (the kind you plant in the garden).
  • Eating fertilizer.
  • Eating snail and slug bait.
  • Allergies, (pollen, grasses or anything that blooms).
  • Mildew.
  • Possibly foxtails, (they are usually more of a concern in early summer, it has been unseasonably dry this year).
  • Ear infections from swimming, (be sure to use an ear cleaner after a swim).
  • Hot spots.
  • Matts (as your dog’s undercoat sheds out, be sure to remove it with a brush on a regular basis to prevent matts from forming).
  • Overuse injuries (slowly resume activity after the winter’s break).