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Exercise Central

Got a leash puller? Give both of you a gift with a Sense-ation,  Easy Walk or other brand of no-pull harness. Available at most pet-supply stores, these innovative devices feature a front-chest leash attachment that applies pressure across the dog’s shoulder blades and belly, rather than on the neck. This steers the dog to the side, preventing her from pulling forward. Voila: instant leash manners.

 Manners or no manners, winter activities with dogs often entail dealing with wet sidewalks, muddy dog parks and other mess-making conditions. A pair of comfortable, pull-on rain boots make a great gift for the dog-walker in your life, especially if there’s a fashionista component. We especially like the psychedelic-inspired women’s models sold at some Ace Hardware stores, but you’ll find lots of other fun patterns once you start looking around.

 While you’re out there, why not fix Fido up with a blinking LED collar safety light? They come in many styles, any of which will serve just fine for keeping track of your bouncing boy when the short days of winter force you visit the dog park after dark.

Posted on: December 12, 2010

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