Help Save Lives with Kauai Shelter Pet Transfer Program

Help Save Lives with Kauai Pet Transfer Program

Photo Courtesy Kauai Humane Society
Photo Courtesy Kauai Humane Society

Do your summer plans include traveling to the beautiful island of Kauai? If so, you might consider volunteering for Kauai Humane Society's Shelter Pet Transfer Program. Then, when your island vacation winds down, and the thought of heading back to the mainland starts to give you the blues, you can look forward to your flight back home knowing you'll be saving a shelter dog's life.

The number of homes available to abandoned pets on Kauai is limited by the size of the island community. The Shelter Pet Transfer Program helps save lives by sending dogs to mainland shelters with more exposure and high adoption rates. More than 600 animals have been sent to mainland shelters via Alaska Airlines since the start of the program in December 2012.

The cost of the flight for each dog flying alone is approximately $300, but if the dog is accompanied by a passenger, then the dog’s flight is FREE! All you have to do is show up for your flight as scheduled, Kauai Humane Society will do the rest!

Contact [email protected] with your flight date and destination.


Posted on: July 5, 2016

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