Just Say Awww....

Just Say Awww....

Mother Nature gave most dogs a nice warm coat. They don’t “need” sweaters, thank you very much. But small dogs can really feel the cold, and there’s no denying they look awfully darn cute when playing dress-up.

Doggie sweaters and raincoats are getting end-cap treatment this winter at big-box retail stores such as PetCo, but the really stylin’ stuff is the preserve of boutiques such as Diggidy Dog in Carmel, Glamour Paws in Montclair Village, Holistic Hound in Berkeley or Paws and Claws in Oakland, which carries a vast assortment of doggie T-shirts, hoodies, slickers trench coats and fleece. Nothing like a new outfit to make a gal feel like a million bucks, no matter which end of the leash she’s on.

Posted on: December 12, 2010

dog sweaters fleece hoodies style boutique petco paws claws diggidy holistic hound glamour paws
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