Keep Trails and Beaches Dog-friendly

Keep Trails and Beaches

Keep Trails and Beaches <br/>Dog-friendly!

Submit comments to the GGNRA by May 25!

During the first comment period back in 2011, the GGNRA received 10,000 comments but only accepted about 4,700. There is an art to writing a comment. Make sure yours gets registered.

The NPS does censor comments in that they decide if your comment raises issues that they deem "substantive." If you submit a comment that says "I love walking my dog and it's what the GGNRA is for. You can't take it away...", that comment will not be recorded. They don't count each one like a "vote." They only count substantive issues raised in the comments.

For this comment period, the draft rule specifically states that your comment must be about the merits of the proposed rule, and not the previous iterations that have already closed for comment. These comments are particularly important—this is the last round. And, even more importantly, these comments lay the basis for a legal challenge.

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Posted on: May 19, 2016

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