Lily's Legacy 2011

Lily's Legacy 2011

Since we first checked in with Lily's Legacy Senior Dog Sanctuary last year, we're delighted to report that quite a few canine old-timers have been lucky enough to benefit from the dedicated efforts of this group, inspired by the original Lily, a sweet, loving golden retriever. Founder Alice Mayn has gathered a growing community of hard-working volunteers whose skills encompass grant-writing, dog-walking, fostering, and putting together the annual Lily's Legacy Golf Tournament fundraiser.

As a result, elderly large-breed dogs (those 7 years or older and 50 pounds or larger), whose prospects are often bleak in the shelter system, have a safety net at Lily's Legacy, whether they find new adoptive homes or wind up as permanent residents at the sanctuary, usually due to medical issues.

shadow the dogOne sweet old guy who'd really like to be someone's dog again is Shadow, a classic Big Black Dog (Lab possibly mixed with Great Dane) believed to be 11 years old. His lifelong human died and he ended up at Lily's. He likes to snuggle at your feet (especially with a chew toy) or on the bed, go for short walks, or just be a good companion. He's in generally good health for an old guy — needs daily thyroid meds and eye drops, and his eyesight is not what it once was. He's good with kids and other dogs, seems fine with cats, and his leash manners are excellent. He's ready to enjoy just being with you, and loving you right back. Shadow is a very special old boy who would love to find a forever home for Christmas!

Shadow photo: Lily's Legacy

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Posted on: December 15, 2011

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