Measure A Passes

Woof – Woof: Measure A Passes

Vote Yes on Measure AMarin County voters yesterday approved Measure A, which will raise more than $10 million a year for parks and open space programs. The measure needed a two-thirds vote to pass, yet and received 74% of the vote. supported the measure, as it provides much needed funding for maintenance, rangers, restoration and preservation of the open space Dogtrekkers from all over the Bay Area use year-round for hiking, running and enjoying the outdoors with their pups.

Supervisor Steve Kinsey, who backed the plan, said of the vote, "I'm ecstatic. It shows the deep core commitment from the Marin voters about this place we call home. I knew we would get a super majority, but to get more than two-thirds is great. I am happily surprised."

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Posted on: November 7, 2012

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