Muttville Has A New Home

Muttville Has A New Home

yellow lab with balloons was on hand last Saturday evening for a preview sneak peek at the new Muttville Headquarters, located at the corner of Alabama & 16th Street in San Francisco. Yes, the mutts have finally moved out of founder Sherri Franklin’s home to their new home-like environment for newly arrived dogs.

black dog and white dog touching noses
“We want to make Muttville the safest, most comforting place a stray senior mutt could ever land,” says Sherri, who's also Muttville’s Executive Director. “Many of these older dogs need a quiet place to adjust to the changes in their life, and we feel we accomplished just that with the private rooms, soft music and sofas instead of concrete cages.”

black dog with adopt me vest
In addition to these cozy and comfortable surroundings, the new Muttville home features offices, storage space, quarantine, a kitchen, grooming room, and more. Muttville is now accepting housewarming donations to help Sheri, the staff and volunteers continue their great work. invites you to be part of this exciting new chapter in Muttville’s growth. Donate here. 

small white dog on womans lap
Photos courtesy of Jane Goldman

Posted on: November 13, 2012

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