Buy This Cute Puppy

Buy This Cute Puppy

This is a video created by the San Francisco SPCA in a campaign to reveal inhumane conditions at puppy mills. The SPCA believes that a majority of puppies purchased online and shippped to their new owners are raised in similar conditions.  In a recent survey, 18 percent of respondents said they got  their pet online, while  38 percent had their puppy shipped to them. The SPCA estimates that 30 percent of puppies up for adoption originated in puppy mills.

According to the organization, "It is shocking....that in a city where we are uber-conscious about the ethics of our food, cars, energy use, even shopping bags, the cruel origins of our beloved dogs are not top of mind. Many people just don’t realize that they are supporting the terribly inhumane practices of puppy mills by buying their dogs online. The SF SPCA is out to change that perception and these practices."

Puppy mills, as defined by the SPCA, are breeding factories  that abuse animals in the name of profit. "Sadly, the vast majority of puppies purchased online come from puppy mills with terrible conditions," the SPCA says. "Documented abuse at puppy mills includes forced over-breeding, inbreeding, disease overcrowding, filth and hunger.  Puppies purchased from puppy mills frequently suffer from severe illness and behavioral problems."

Puppy mills rely on deception to stay in business, the SPCA says. "They often use photos and videos of adorable puppies to lure internet buyers. A responsible breeder would never sell to anyone without personally meeting them first, and nearly all dogs purchased online come from puppy mills."

The SPCA's campaign starts with a video imitating a typical advertisement from a puppy mill.  "It then reveals the realities of how puppy mill dogs are raised. The goal is to surprise people who are shopping on the internet for a puppy, and inform them about why it's irresponsible to do so," the organization explains.

The SPCA says that the best way to stop the cycle of cruelty at puppy mills is to adopt from a shelter instead, so that you know where your dog is coming from.

DogTrekker supports the SPCA's campaign to identify and shut down puppy mills and urges its readers to join the conversation.
Here are some ways you can get involved with this campaign:
  • Share this video with your friends, family and colleagues
  • Learn more about these terrible puppy mills
  • Check out the fact of the day about puppy mills on Facebook and Twitter
  • Encourage anyone looking to find a new dog, rescue or not, to stay clear of Internet puppy sales sites

Posted on: May 14, 2012

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