Truckee Humane takes in Thai dogs

Truckee Humane takes in Thai dogs

Mable the dog
Mable is still up for adoption

The Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe (HSTT) has taken in three dogs rescued in Thailand. Soi Dog, a Thai rescue organization saved the animals from an illegal dog-meat trade then worked with HSTT to shelter the trio and find them homes. They arrived in Truckee January 18.

This is the first time HSTT has taken in animals from an international shelter.  The Truckee shelter is only one of two in the U.S. Soi Dog has worked with. Soi Dog works with a handful of other countries to protect abused and neglected animals. According to Emily Watt, animal programs manager at HSTT, the illegal meat trade is a prominent issue in Thailand. Dogs are often lured away from homes to be captured and sold into the meat trade.

“It’s really exciting that we could help them,” Watt said. “They had families and people before meeting this awful fate. To help in this capacity –to provide a new home for them and love them, that’s really incredible.”
They agreed to take them and the three newly arrived dogs, named Flame, Mable, and Gypsy, were flown from Bangkok to San Francisco with flight volunteers arranged by Soi Dog.

The decision to take them in was an easy one, Watt said. Since there were only three and they could be kenneled together, it didn’t affect HSTT’s local rescue efforts at all. The medium sized, mix breed dogs between the ages and two and three, have been adjusting well to their new beginning in the Sierra Nevada. One has already been adopted by a volunteer who helped transport them from San Francisco. Flame and Mable are still up for adoption.

“They’re really happy, friendly, social dogs,” Watt said.

HSTT rescues numerous pets throughout California and rural areas of Nevada. They hope to continue to branch out and work with shelters and rescue groups both in the U.S. and abroad and will pursue grants and fundraising to do so.

For more information about adoption or contributing to the shelter’s rescue efforts, call 530-587-5948, or go to

Posted on: January 27, 2015

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