Bending the Curve: Tips for Safe Dog-Walking

Bending the Curve: Tips for Safe Dog-Walking

Bending the Curve: Tips for Safe Dog-Walking
We hear it often: be sure to practice social distancing when leaving your home. According to Gov. Gavin Newsom yesterday at a news briefing, California residents have avoided a worst-case scenario thanks to the stay-at-home order and practicing social distancing. Newsom went on to say that the number of cases continues to grow and we still need to work together to prevent a significant resurgence. Here is the complete recap of the press conference from the Sacramento Bee
As far as walking or hiking with your dogs, park districts all over California are asking that dogs be leashed at all times to prevent closer interaction between dogs and their humans.  What is normally a great form of social introduction and interaction among both friends and strangers, unfortunately, cannot be practiced during COVID-19. A wave, a comment about their pup and a “how are you today” from a distance is the recommended approach these days.
While many attractions and gathering spots within parks are closed, most trails, if not parking lots, are still open. We encourage you to check out DogTrekker’s guide to park and open space district updates, which you will find here. We have recently added updated San Francisco Rec & Parks to this list. Please follow the other guidelines listed on the chart above.
Stay healthy, stay strong, give your dog a hug from us — and remember to wash your hands!
Next week: How our rescue partners are doing during this pandemic, and what you can do to help.

Dave and Roxanne Kendrick

Posted on: April 16, 2020

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