Budget Cuts Threaten Shelter Dogs

Budget Cuts Threaten Shelter Dogs

shelter dogAmong the solutions Governor Brown's proposing to the state's budget crisis--removing the funding behind the Hayden Act, which, since 1998, has required city and county shelters, among other things, to hold impounded stray dogs for four business days before euthanizing them or putting them up for adoption. Without that protection, the shelter could dispose of the dog as it thought best within 72 hours of impound, regardless of whether it had been open for business at any time during those hours.

Nightmare scenario--you're traveling. Your dog loses his collar and gets lost. His microchip information has your home contact information. You have no idea where the local shelter is. It's a holiday weekend and nothing's open.

This article has more details. There's an online petition, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund in Marin has a handy form for directing your comments to Governor Brown and your legislative representatives.

Posted on: January 31, 2012

hayden laws, california state budget cuts, animal shelters, euthanasia rates
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