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icon for akc appAKC Dog Breeds: Curious about that fluffed-up pooch you saw on TV or the sleek, racy looking dog you saw at the dog park? This app responds to our curiosity about canines with photos, histories and standards for the 173 AKC-recognized breeds. Whether you’re canine sports competitor or just interested in how breeds came to be and what they look like, you’ll find yourself referring to it quite a lot. $2.99.

Runners up: Dog-a-Log (99 cents), Perfect Dog Ultimate (free), Breedopedia (99 cents). All feature alphabetical listings of breeds, including hybrids such as the Labradoodle and Cockapoo, with photos and descriptions that all seem to be copied from the same source. Perfect Dog also has a “Fetch” function that purports to match you with a breed upon entering your criteria. Our advice: pay 99 cents and avoid the extremely annoying ads on Perfect Dog.

Posted on: August 24, 2014

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