Mayor Lee Says No to GGNRA

Mayor Lee Says No to GGNRA

At first bark, the Sharp Park golf course and the National Park Service's bid to acquire it from the City of San Francisco wouldn't seem to have much to do with DogTrekkers, but there you'd be wrong. Even aside from the fact that apparently the park's perimeter is  popular with dog walkers.

The City has been considering the Park Service's bid, but the Park Service unabashedly admits that its taking possession of the place would be the end of golf, and indeed much in the way of recreational activity, as it pursued an agenda of restoring the golf course's environment to a state ostensibly reflective of some natural reality before humans arrived. "Wilderness restoration" rules the day at the GGNRA, in contrast to its recreational mandate.

As we've previously noted, the Park Service has similar designs on areas many folks presently enjoy for recreational activity, including dog-related activity, including in lands deeded to it by the City specifically for urban recreation. Concerned with this history, many citizens organized to encourage Mayor Ed Lee to veto legislation that could have turned Sharp Park over to the GGNRA. 

We're pleased to report that, specifically citing the Park Service's unbalanced plans for the use of the popular and historic golf course, the Mayor heeded the call and put a halt to the scheme. As to the commenter who suggested that the city should next repossess Fort Funston, we'll keep you posted.

Posted on: December 20, 2011

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