Sacramento Area Meetups

Sacramento Area Meetups

Dog resting in the shadeGroup dog walks and off-leash recreation are the focus of Sacramento’s Responsible Dog Lovers Meetup group, while hiking and dog socialization is the name of the game for TOPDOG, an acryonym for Trekking Our Pooches Dog Owners Group. If your interest lies in training, Dogs with a Job is your vehicle for sharing “career” experiences such as obedience, agility, flyball, dog Frisbee, hunting, therapy or tracking. Also in the Sacramento area, you’ll find Meetup groups dedicated to big dogs, toy dogs, shih-tzus , border collies, Australian shepherds, miniature pinschers, dachshunds, schnauzers, Labrador retrievers, greyhounds, pit bulls, mastiffs, beagles—and, of course, those lovable pugs.

Don’t see anything to fit your schedule? Try broadening your search. Sacramento Health Walkers, for instance, welcomes dogs on many of its outings. So does the very active Sacramento Trail Mix hiking and adventure group. A good place to get acquainted is on the group’s weekly riverfront hikes departing from downtown Sacramento. The pace may be a bit brisk for dogs with “have-to-sniff-everything” fixations, but you’ll meet some great folks and get some good exercise nevertheless.

Photo: "Sacramento Shiba Inu Meetup" - Don Reid

Posted on: April 26, 2011

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