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Lots to Bragg about

Glass Beach. Photo by Wikimedia.
What can you say about a town that has its own dog park mayor, an ice cream parlor that provides free licks for Fido, and a 47-acre botanical garden Read more.

Mendocino Coast Humane Society

Founded by residents who wanted a no-kill alternative to the county animal control, the Mendocino Coast Humane Society has been saving lives since 1986, when it opened an office in a storage unit and began staging mobile adoptions. In April 2001, MCHS opened its Fort Bragg shelter, which provides a warm, comfortable, and secure home for dogs and cats awaiting a new home. There's also a veterinary surgery and grassy, wooded play yards so the dogs can have fun during their stay. Photo: Pluto, courtesy MCHS Read more.

Beyond the Crowds

Mendocino County is “so close and yet so far away” when it comes to scenery, attitude and ambiance. Whether you play it sophisticated or sniff out the rustic, you’ll have no trouble carving out an itinerary to fit your budget and style. Read more.

Coasting for Christmas

If a trip up or down the coast is in your plans, consider timing your excursion to take in seasonal events that you can enjoy with your furry friend. Read more.

Moody Blues

  Not many botanical gardens come with a thundering ocean sound track in the background. The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens in Fort Bragg enjoys that distinction, along with a moody maritime climate that fosters its signature displays of rare rhododendrons native to the cloud forests of Southeast Asia and the Himalayas. Camellias, dahlias, heaths and heathers also thrive here, and a perennial garden is bright with color from spring to fall. Read more.

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