Take the Express Lane

By: DogTrekker Staff

It’s one thing to sell pet food and supplies, and another to support the community with almost as many give-back programs as brands of kibble on the shelves. Pet Food Express, with 41 stores in the greater Bay Area, Carmel and Sacramento, has been in business since 1986 and from the beginning has been committed to animal welfare. The company to date has helped find homes for more than 53,000 homeless animals through Norcal Pet Adoptions.

Pet Food Express works closely with shelters and rescue organizations, sponsors adoptions and fundraisers, hosts low-cost vaccination clinics and dog training classes, and even has developed programs to teach school children how to care for small pets. This year the company hopes to hit the $1 million mark in monies collected for dog rescue through its My Mutt program, in which families donating $250 or more to rescue organizations get a poster with their pet’s photo to post in the store of their choice.

Buy good, do good—you and your four-legged friend can both feel great about that.