Tired Dog = Happy Dog

By: DogTrekker Staff

Tired Dog, Happy DogIf you like cycling and have the kind of dog whose energy requirements can't be satisfied by a mere walk, get thee to the Internet and latch onto a Springer. This ingenious dog exerciser lets cyclists keep both hands safely on the handlebars as a dog runs alongside, always within eye contact.

An added benefit: the spring on the end of the device's U-shaped arm absorbs the dog's tugs, so when Rover bolts after a squirrel or cat, he won't take you with him. The Springer attaches to the seat post of most bikes; a roading harness is extra. Yes, it's spendy at $65 (eBay) to $89 (on the Springer site), but your tired dog will thank you by sleeping like a rock.

Photo: Janet Fullwood, DogTrekker


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