Tips for Paddling With Your Pup

If it's summer, it's time to get out on the water with your pup. But if it's Fido's first time to kayak or ride in a raft, you'll want to take it slow. Cate Hawthorne of Liquid Fusion Kayaking in Fort Bragg offers these tips for paddling with your pup.

• We recommend that people plan a short trip on calm water to see how their dog will take to kayaking and have a “Plan B” if the dog is stressed and whining. 

• We don’t recommend allowing dogs to jump from the kayak to swim. A large dog jumping from the kayak can capsize the boat.  If you have a dog who is an avid swimmer, consider paddling close to shore where there are easy options to land and allow him/her to swim.  Also, consider that a swimming dog is a wet dog and makes for a wet ride in the kayak for the humans.

• We recommend that most dogs wear canine flotation devices (CFDs) .  We find these most helpful for getting dogs into the kayak if they decide to go for a swim.

• Waterways are corridors for wildlife.  Dog owners need to be responsible for pet waste along waterways as well as be considerate of wildlife.

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Photo courtesy Liquid Fusion Kayaking
Posted 7/16/12

Posted on: June 29, 2022

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