Wednesday Woofable: Molly Mutt

By: DogTrekker Staff
dog on dog bed

It's no secret that dogs sleep a lot. My dog can power sleep for 9-10 hours at a time, day or night. She even puts herself to bed with a little hrumph at around 9:30 p.m. every night. Besides needing as much beauty sleep as she can get I think one of the reasons she likes to sleep so much is her bed is so stylish and comfy! Today's Wednesday Woofable supports both of those criteria as well as being green…Molly Mutt-the dog bed duvet company!

black dog on a red dog bedMolly Mutt has created a dog duvet and stuff sack that make creating a stylish and comfortable dog bed a breeze. Plus, it's a green product, on more than one level. Here's how. The duvet covers, which come in numerous prints and colors are made from 100% cotton and are zippered with gussets for extra style and comfort. They are durable, washable and pre-shrunk. That means, when Fido runs through the mud and then rolls on his bed all you have to do is pop the duvet in the wash and voila, good as new so no having to buy a whole new bed. Second, you stuff the beds with your own stuff! Instead of throwing out old clothes, linens or dog bed stuffing use it to stuff the sack that goes inside the duvet. This way you are keeping it out of the landfill and creating an uber comfy bed all at the same time!

dog on dog bed

Molly Mutt even has pillow packs and cat bed duvets, as well as DIY Kits so all your four-legged friends will be comfy and helping the environment. Shop on-line and do your part to help the environment while giving your dog and stylish place to relax! I've already picked out two new duvets I'm going to have to get for the summer, which ones will you choose?