Wednesday Woofable: Skate Dog Studios

By: DogTrekker Staff
dog at a food bowl

I am a California girl born in the mid '70's, which explains my fascination with board sports, specifically skateboarding and surfing. Unfortunately I am not the most coordinated person out but now I have found a way to incorporate the art of skateboards into my dog's world, and not in a circus animal kind of way. Today's Wednesday Woofable comes to us from Skate Dog Studios and celebrates what else, skateboarding!

skateboard dog dish

Meg, at Skate Dog Studios creates incredibly unique and utterly awesome raised dog feeders from used and new skate decks. These super cool pet feeders not only keep Fido from having to duck down low to eat, they create a conversation piece as well. I also have it on good authority that certain cats have shown an affinity to them as well. 

skate board dog dishI am definitely going to have to invest in the Blue Hawaiian Pet Feeder.  Which one will you get?
Shop now at Skate Dog Studios and your dog will be the coolest four-legged kid on the block!