Wednesday Woofable: The San Francisco Umbrella Company

By: DogTrekker Staff
Umbrellas with dogs on them
I don’t know about where you are, but here at DogTrekker HQ it is raining cats and dogs. In honor of today’s, and from what we here the next few days forecast we’ve scoped out the umbrella to have this season when walking Fido in the rain.

The San Francisco Umbrella Company was founded on the principle that umbrellas should be loved, not hated and it is hands down  one of our favorite rainy day gear suppliers. When you open one of their umbrellas you are protected from inclement weather while proudly showing your support for your favorite breed. 

The walking stick umbrellas come with over a dozen different breeds to choose from. They even have one adorned with cats, if you are so inclined. With a spectacular 48 inches of protection, these umbrellas will keep you dry from the sidewalk to the dog park and back home. Check out all the breeds available at The San Francisco Umbrella Company, or click the map to shop locally. 

We are partial to the Beagle Walking Stick Umbrella…what’s your favorite? 

Umbrella with gold beagles on it