What Do the Rules Say?

By: DogTrekker Staff

El Dorado National ForestWe went to the source to get the official bark on U.S. Forest Service policy regarding canine visitors. “We basically want to be able to provide as much variety of outdoor recreational experience as possible to our visitors, and part of that is allowing people to enjoy our national forests with dogs,” said John Heil, press officer for the agency’s Pacific Southwest Region. “Canine companions are welcome, but we do have a few rules that we ask visitors to follow.”

The most important one: “No animals in developed swimming areas unless otherwise posted.” The reason, Heil explains, is to avoid social conflict between people and dogs.

Easy enough to understand and obey. Other than that, dogs in national forests must be leashed in developed recreation areas and kept within sight and under voice control when hiking. That’s it.

Isn’t it refreshing to know there are places where you and Fido can go and let common sense and consideration for others rule the day?