S.F. Animal Care and Control - Lost Dogs

S.F. Animal Care and Control - Lost Dogs

1200 15th St.
San Francisco, California 94103
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Local Phone: (415) 554-6364
E-mail: acc@sfgov.org

Visit the San Francisco Animal Shelter at 15th and Harrison Streets. You must go in person, because only you can identify your pet. Look through all of the cages, and ask to see any injured or sick animals. Be sure to go every day. The Shelter holds stray animals for 4-5 days. After that, they may become available for adoption. Leave a written report at the Animal Shelter. Keep checking. Your pet may not be found for several weeks.

Call our Lost Pet Hotline for a recorded message and a partial listing of animals impounded. Dial Lost Pet (567-8738).

Visit all the private shelters in San Francisco and neighboring communities. You can get a list of these shelters from Animal Care and Control.

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