Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow

1431 N. Daly St.
Anaheim, California 92806
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Local Phone: (714) 533-2267

It’s no mystery that dogs love day care and boarding at Camp Bow Wow Anaheim – you can tell by the way they whine and bark with excitement at the mention of C-A-M-P and the way they pull their parents from the parking lot through the front door because they can’t wait to romp and play with their fur-iends.

Parents love Camp Bow Wow too; they know while they are busy away for a day or traveling, their furry kid is happier and healthier because of the many benefits of Camp:

• Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
• Relieves boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behavior at home
• Improves socialization with dogs and people
• Enhances quality of life

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