Cayucos Pier View Suites

Pier View Suites

12 N Ocean Ave.
Suite 226
Cayucos, California
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Local Phone: (805) 995-0014

Pier View Suites is the only beachside boutique hotel in Cayucos, a coastal community half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco known as “California’s last small beach town.”

It has gained notoriety amongst both international travelers and local explorers for its remarkably spacious bungalow-style accommodations, luxuriously-furnished ocean view balconies, and superb guest service.

Owned and operated as a family business, Pier View Suites continues to provide personalized hospitality for nightly, weekly, and even monthly visitors. Centrally located for guests to experience a large selection of sightseeing, local cuisine, culture, and wine tasting, all within minutes from the property.

If less than 4 people are staying, dogs stay free! 4 or more guests, each dog is $30 per night. 

Dog-friendly policies:

  • Breed restrictions: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Wolf Hybrids
  • Maximum number allowed: 2
  • Percentage of rooms that are dog-friendly: Less than 50%

Dog-friendly property amenities:

  • Dog Waste Bags
  • Cozy Dog Beds
  • Dining/water bowls

Dogs on San Luis Obispo Beach
Fun at the beach. (CC) SLO dogs in the fast lane.
From Ragged Point in the north to Pismo Beach in the south, the San Luis Obispo County coast is a dog-friendly wonderland loaded with things to do and places to stay with your pup. Along the 70 miles of Highway 1 that hug it, you’ll encounter everything from secluded tide pools and shimmering coves to classic SoCal beaches packed shoulder to shoulder with surfer dudes, bikini babes and dogs with jaunty bandanas around their necks. more »
Strolling the beach at Cayucos
Strolling the beach at Cayucos
If miles of dog-friendly beaches, delicious local cuisine and comfortable accommodations sound like your idea of fun, look no farther than the quaint little town of Cayucos. Located on an often-sunny south-facing beach, Cayucos hosts a variety of events throughout the year, many of which are dog-friendly. For outdoor fun, Cayucos offers up one of the longest stretches of canine-welcoming shore in California. more »
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