Animal Care Services department for the city of Sacramento

Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento

2127 Front St.
Sacramento, California 95818
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Local Phone: (916) 808-7387

The Front Street Animal Shelter does far more than caring for lost and abandoned animals in our community. We provide a variety of services that protect both citizens and animals.

We also keep lost pets safe and sound so that they can hopefully be reunited with their owner or adopted into a new family.

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Got cookies? Photo Credit: Caitlin H. (CC)
Got cookies? Photo Credit: Caitlin H. (CC)
Almost every city and shelter in California sponsors a holiday adoption event, but few are as fortunate as Sacramento in having a benefactor like Kim Pacini-Hauch, a pet-loving real-estate agent who is picking up the cost of pet adoption through Dec. 31 as part of the Front Street Shelter’s “Home for the Pawlidays” event. more »
We've told you before about the dramatic turnaround of the City of Sacramento's Front Street shelter. Once a dark and deadly place for dogs, it's much safer and happier these days, thanks to an upbeat staff and an extended network of hundreds of volunteers, fosters, and local rescues. As well as generous supporters who make a life-saving difference to dogs like Poe here, who find themselves in dire straits and need a helping hand.  more »
Historically, the greater Sacramento area has had a severe problem of animal overpopulation and abandonment that's often turned out tragically. Two years ago, however, the city of Sacramento's Animal Care Services, as part of a community partnership with the ASPCA, joined forces with the other animal services agencies in the area, including the Sacramento County Animal Care, the Sacramento SPCA and Happy Tails (a cat sanctuary) to proactively address the problem. Among the programs the City's Animal Care Services has instituted: a community spay-neuter program and a pet food bank.

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