Oakland's Claremont Veterinary Hospital

Claremont Veterinary Hospital

5331 College Ave.
Oakland, California 94618
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Local Phone: (510) 652-5835
E-mail: staff@claremontvet.com

The Claremont Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary services for dogs, cats and small mammals including the following:

Annual physical examinations and vaccinations including a daily low cost vaccination clinic.

• Reasonably priced spays and neuters.
• Full medical services including dermatology, internal medicine, oncology.
• Full medical services including dermatology, internal medicine, oncology, opthalmology and behavioral advice.
• Reasonably priced dental services including routine cleaning and extractions for dogs and cats.
• Advanced radiographic and ultrasound diagnostics on site.
• Full endoscopic services including gastrointestinal, bronchial and upper respiratory, urogenital and arthroscopic available.
• Orthopedic surgical services including ACL injury repair using the TPLO or TTA technique as well as fracture and injury evaluation and repair.
• Full abdominal, respiratory, and soft tissue surgical evaluation and services available.

In addition, the Claremont Veterinary Hospital offers boarding for both dogs and cats as well as providing medicated, flea and cleaning baths and minor grooming. They stock a full pharmacy and provide prescription diets and topical products as well.

By Dr. Shannon Leggieri, DVM, MS of Claremont Veterinary Hospital, Oakland.

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