Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore, Inc.

Del Valle Dog Club of Livermore, Inc.

Livermore, California
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Local Phone: (925) 344-6168

Del Valle is a member of The American Kennel Club. Membership is open to dog fanciers who are in good standing with the AKC.
One of Del Valle’s primary goals is to help promote the health and welfare of dogs. Del Valle believes in educating the public regarding responsible dog ownership and care.

This dog club is mainly supported by people that live in the Tri-Valley area. In the city of Livermore, Del Valle has paid to create a Public Dog Park; located at Max Baer Field on Murdell Lane, as well as assisting the city in creating the animal fanciers permit.

Del Valle generously donates to public charities in our region and has donated $1,500 to the pets victimized by the Katrina hurricane.

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