Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa

Dolphin Bay Resort and Spa

2727 Shell Beach Rd.
Unit 131
Pismo Beach, California 93449
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Local Phone: (805) 773-4300

The Dolphin Bay Resort welcomes your family friend to travel with you and live the life of luxury. Dogs are not only welcomed but spoiled at this luxurious Pismo Beach resort! Your little ones will enjoy lounging in their own bed with water bowls and special treats.

Pet Suites must be booked directly by calling Dolphin Bay.

Dog-friendly policies:

  • Size: All sizes
  • Breed restrictions: None
  • Maximum number allowed: 3
  • Cost per dog: $65 Per Night
  • Percentage of rooms that are dog-friendly: Less than 50%
  • Other comments: Pets must be on a leash at all times while in the common areas of the resort. Dogs are not allowed in the pool area.

Dog-friendly property amenities:

  • Dog Waste Bags
  • Cozy Dog Beds
  • Dining/water bowls
  • Special treats
  • Dog-friendly hiking/activity/attractions guide/listings at front desk

Dogs on San Luis Obispo Beach
Fun at the beach. (CC) SLO dogs in the fast lane.
From Ragged Point in the north to Pismo Beach in the south, the San Luis Obispo County coast is a dog-friendly wonderland loaded with things to do and places to stay with your pup. Along the 70 miles of Highway 1 that hug it, you’ll encounter everything from secluded tide pools and shimmering coves to classic SoCal beaches packed shoulder to shoulder with surfer dudes, bikini babes and dogs with jaunty bandanas around their necks. more »
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