German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley

German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley

P.O. Box 652
Pleasant Grove, California 95668
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Local Phone: (916) 655-3125

Dedicated to finding good homes for German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes whose caregivers can no longer keep them or which are confined in animal shelters.

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Meet Ginger, a German Shepherd Dog recently rescued from an overcrowded county shelter. At 7, she's affectionate and playful, and likes to spend time with her humans. Her house manners are excellent; she knows and responds to many commands, and is quick to learn new ones. She gets along great with her 4-year-old GSD foster brother, and would probably live happily alone or with a simpatico male dog; other female dogs and cats, not so much. (Read about her here.more »
Since we last checked in with German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley, they've been quite busy— they now have 501(c)3 status (a big milestone in any rescue's history, especially for purposes of tax-deductible donations!), and they've helped get many dogs who landed in shelters to safety with new families. Brian Foran, who runs the program and its sanctuary, has rescued and placed dozens of dogs a year since 2001. Unfortunately, a lack of foster homes limits GSRSV from rescuing more dogs from shelters. These days, especially with the preponderance of house foreclosures, GSRSV is kept busy helping owners who need to find new homes for their dogs. With its Program Dogs option, GSRSV evaluates and spreads the word about the dog, who remains in his or her original home until the right adopter comes along. (A great way to help support GSRSV: tell your friends to subscribe to the DogTrekker newsletter and designate GSRSV as the recipient of the $1 donation we give to rescue for each new subscriber!)  more »
MaxDeveloped as the rescue program of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Sacramento Valley, German Shepherd Rescue of Sacramento Valley (GSRSV) became an independent rescue organization when former volunteer Brian Foran took over in February 2001.

Since then, he and his network of foster homes in the Sacramento area have been taking in German Shepherd Dogs (GSDs) and GSD mixes from area shelters while also helping people who need to find suitable homes for their dogs. The philosophy: "GSRSV seeks adopters who are active outdoors, strive to socialize their adopted German Shepherds with other dogs and people, and welcome them in their house as a member of their family," explains Foran.Through 2010, GSRSV has rescued and placed nearly 500 dogs.

One hopeful candidate currently in foster is Lobo, who's excellent with children but timid around men. He's good with other dogs, calm in the house, learning his manners, and should not live with cats. Check him out here!
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